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Turckheim Gewurztraminer £11.95
Turckheim  Gewurztraminer
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Tasting Note
Pale golden colour with perumed aromatics of lychees, rose petals and spice. A fantastic wine with great complexity, full bodied with spice and intense fruit on the finish.

Producer Details
With a steady stream of investment over the years, Cave de Turckheim always pays the utmost respect for the wine, combining rigour, know-how and patience with the latest technology. Since 1998 winemaking has been in the hands of Michel Lihrmann, who selects grapes from 280 growers over 330 hectares of Alsace vines.

With healthy and ripe grapes, Michel strongly belives that varietals in Alsace should express their delicate characteristics. He does not favour high residual sugar levels and preferers to vinify wines in a dry style.

In the vineyard
Grapes are sourced from selected prime vineyards lying on siliceous soil. Harvesting is by hand or sometimes by machine, depending on the site.

In the winery
Winemaking is 'traditional' and overseen by Jean Michel Lihrmann - pneumatic pressing, temperature controlled fermentation, no finings and light filtration before bottling - all to preserve fruit and aromatic qualities and elegance.

His philosophy is to make wines with good acidity and fruit balance.

Vintage note
2004: Considered to be a good vintage, allowing the true expression of each Alsace varietal, conditions in 2004 saw a return to the normal harvest date of late September.

Grapes were healthy, with good maturity creating aromatic wines with an excellent balancing acidity.

Food recommendations
"Gewurz" means spice, and therefore this wine is perfect with spice based dishes (Thai, Indian, Chinese).

It can also be served as an aperetif, chilled to 8-10°C, or with a strong cheese such as Munster or Stliton.

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