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Trulli Vermentino
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 100's of years ago when the world was ravaged by woolly mammoths, Greek philosophers and Brothers Grimm characters, in the region of Salento there was one saving grace to the hardship of their era. An unnamed white wine exhibiting such attractive aromas of stone fruit, dried herbs and saline minerality that it made many forget there was the very real chance a wolf might eat their grandmother then dress up in her nightie.

There was one problem with the wine; the berries were so delicious that vermin were constantly eating them all. So, when a man offered to pipe the rats right out of town they jumped at the chance. However, when the Piper realised the towns folk had no money to pay him, he was pretty angry and threatened to steal the towns children.

"That's a bit weird dude," the towns folk exclaimed, "what if we give you a case of this white wine instead?" The smooth texture and pleasantly fresh acidity mollified the piper. To celebrate the absence of the rats and the continued presence of their children, they had a name for their wine, Vermin-bambino which evolved into this wine; Vermentino! True Story.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 20 May, 2020.
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