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Ramos Pinto Reserve Collector £13.95
Ramos Pinto Reserve Collector
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Grape Varieties:
A mixture of grape types from old, traditional Portuguese vines.

Technology of vinification:

The fermentation of the must is done by maceration and automatic reconstitution, with the aim of obtaining a better extract. After 4 or 5 days, the fermentation is interrupted by the addition of 20% of the aguardente (brandy, aqua-vitae). Last of all, decantation is executed. It is a wine without heat or cold treatment, neither is it filtered.

Sensory Appreciation Colour:
The reddish, brown border round the glass is the only visible sign of maturity. The intermediate area that is initially opaque evolves into a translucent dark red. To finish, at the base of the glass, the colour is red.

Its typical aroma is characterised by a similarity with the vintage due to its powerful, dominant and dense fruitiness revealing a profound ripeness of fruits, such as prunes, figs, blackberries, raspberries and cherries.

On the palate it is soft, noting a balanced, full on the mouth, glycerine-like sensation. The ripeness of its fruit reveals to us a flavoursome figure, exalting the more volatile, evolved back of the nose aromas. Its persistence is notable.

After taste:
Full bodied, with a peppery after taste. Rather complex, has a notable persistence. Aging: In oak vats.

Before dispatch. Predicted longevity: Ready to be drunk, but would benefit from aging some more years. As this wine is not filtered, it is subject to the creation of a deposit.

Other Consumption suggestions: Goes perfectly with mild cheeses and chocolate. Excellent accompaniment to meals with game, particularly duck.

Serving suggestions:
Must be served at a temperature of between 16º to 20ºC, and decanted. Conservation in private cellars: Bottle laid horizontally, in a cool cellar and shaded from the light.

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